About Me

I am a professionally qualified and experienced psychotherapist and counsellor. I offer safe, confidential, one-to-one psychotherapy and have a particular interest in building confidence and emotional resilience. I also specialise in reducing anxiety, treating depression and understanding the effects of psychological trauma.

My aim is to help you make sense of your world and live a more satisfying life.

I achieve this by helping you to become more aware of your experiences, beliefs and behaviours from the past and reveal how they might be affecting your thoughts, behaviours and experiences in the present. The insight gained from greater self-awareness can often improve relationships, alleviate emotional suffering and lead to long-lasting, positive change.

I first started counselling over 20 years ago at Childline. I then went on to train and qualify as a psychodynamic psychotherapist at WPF Therapy and the University of Roehampton. I work in private practice in the City of London, at WPF Therapy in London Bridge and as part of 

St Paul's Psychotherapy. I also work as an in-house Counsellor at the Royal College of Art. I offer psychotherapy both online and on telephone, and when possible, as a face-to-face service. 

I work with adults, from adolescents to seniors, and welcome enquiries from people of any gender, ethnicity or background.​

I am a registered member of both the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). I am also a professional member of the Foundation of Psychotherapy and Counselling (FPC). I abide by their codes of ethical standards and confidentiality.

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